Fulfilling Relationships



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Relationship Problems? Need to save your marriage?

Need professional support?

Online counseling with a relationship coach can get you through a crisis as quickly as one session and may turn around a long-term, painful situation in weeks.

Eric Nielson - Soul Alignment Coach

Hello, I’m Eric Nielson

I’m happy that you are here. I imagine if you’re looking for counseling then you may be feeling afraid, anxious, sad and hopeless.

I want you to know that you are in good hands and that things are going to be okay.

If you know that you are ready to book an appointment, click on the button below. Otherwise read through this page and I hope to give you more insight on how to turn around your relationship.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a powerful and effective alternative to traditional marriage counseling or psychotherapy. It borrows all the best tools and techniques of the field, but it does not aim to diagnose or pathologize the participants.

During our work together, I aim to empower you and equip you with the best relationship skillset for:

    • connecting and communicating,
    • resolving conflict and understanding each other,
    • and having a good time and finding pleasure in the relationship.

I provide ONLINE relationship coaching so I facilitate couples in the comfort of their own home across the internet. Meaning: no more being stressed out in traffic to get to the appointment. You can also work with each other even when you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship or not always in the same location.

Experiencing any of these Relationship Red Flags?

    • Conversations begin with sharp criticism, contempt, or belligerence.  One or both of you feel demeaned 
    • It’s hard to talk about any sensitive topic without losing closeness, wasting your precious life energy, or starting World War III.
    • You’re having the same fight over and over again.
    • You feel resigned that your partner is never going to understand something important about your experience.
    • You regularly feel powerless and resentful around your partner.  You start to view your partner as the enemy
    • You sexual connection is flat or non-existent.
    • You feel like you are speaking past each other.
    • It’s difficult to define your boundaries and it feels like you loose yourself when trying to give your partner what they want.
    • It feels like you are constantly having to defend yourself, or that you are always playing the bad guy.
    •  You are recovering from infidelity, or a loss of trust.
    • The relationship feels stagnant and hasn’t adapted to who you are now.
    • You know that it’s time to end the relationship or change the boundaries of the relationship and you don’t know how to go about it.
    • It’s feeling impossible to find common ground on important issues that you must work together on.
    • Your partner keeps taking what you say the wrong way.
    • Your body feels stress and discomfort when you think of talking to your partner.
    • You feel psychically overwhelmed by your partner.

Whatever you are going through – It’s okay. You’re perfectly normal! These struggles that many couples have and they can be fixed when you have the right tools.

What we are going to Accomplish Together

    • Learn how to quickly calm the fears and concerns of others.
    • Turn every argument into a break-through moment in understanding your partner. 
    • Learn which relationship-enriching behaviors prevent arguments from every happening.  
    • Lovingly disarm your partners anger and help them feel deeply understood and cared for without having to claim defeat, abandon your needs, be the bad guy. 
    • Effectively help your partner with an issue that is upsetting them even if you don’t know how to FIX it. 
    • Find the most graceful and efficient path through difficult conversations. Fights that used to last hours or days can be resolved in 20 minutes.
    • Hone your empathic skills and detect the subtle emotional cues of your partner and what to do with them.  
    • Have a rock-solid conversation roadmap that always gets good results. 
    • Finally learn how to communicate your experience in a way that invokes curiosity and understanding in your partner.  
    • Heal old hurts, and resolve chronic arguments.
    • Know what conversational moves always help resolve conflict and which also make the conversation take a nosedive
    • Heal the old pains that have been hard to let go of
    • Feel like a team again.
    • Communicate in a way that inspires your partner to soften, move closer and warm up to you
    • Accurately map your partners sense of reality, and learn to effectively communicate your map of reality, so that you can finally find common ground and you are less surprised by their reactions.
    • Deeply empathize with others, without taking on all of their emotional pain. 

My Process

1. Learn to sense and work with own emotional body. 


There is a treasure trove of rich somatic and energetic information available in your body.  When you learn to observe your own inner cosmos, its easier to sort out what’s really going on inside you. You have so much more detail to communicate with your partner.  


Most importantly you learn the power of self-soothing. It allows you to relax your defensiveness and show up to the conversation with a sense of curiosity and an openness to the vital information that is available in your partner. Soothing yourself in a conversation makes it far easier to influence your partner to calm down and be open to discovery.


2. Create safety and a container that encourages learning.


Any behavior change requires a little patience and a room and safety to make mistakes and learn new things. Just as a small child learns best in an encouraging environment, so do adults. Reinforcement and the space to make learning mistakes are important.



3. Learn the key patterns of successful conversations


Most of the people who learn this toolset feel like they suddenly have Jedi powers.  They are no longer afraid of a conversation. They look forward to talking, because they trust that they can get to place of understanding and closeness. 


4. Learn how to accurately map your partners reality. 


If you are trying to drive through Washington using a map of California State it’s liable to be a very challenging time. You will move forward thinking that you are on the correct highway to Oregon, and you will be dismayed and frustrated when you end up in Canada instead.


Learning to build of map is a powerful skill, and until you do it well you will never truly understand your partners reactions and emotions.


5. Build powerful, heart-resonant agreements with each other that last. 


Identify the unconscious agreements that have been running the show in your relationship.  Often they are old patterns of what a relationship should look like that you copy-pasted from your parents or the tv.  When you accurately map out those agreements you finally come in contact with the structure of your relationship, or “the virtuous game” as I like to call it. 


When you truly learn this skill you are able to create structures for the relationship that are of your own making. You are able to structure the relationship around your own unique personality and evolutionary process.


6. Become teammates in each others spiritual growth and evolution. 


When you’ve gained a great understanding of your partner internal roadmats – their needs, their dreams and their belief system you can begin to anticipate what your partner is reaching for and work with them.


Why should you work with me?

I always tell my clients that they will FEEL it when they are talking to someone who can help them, which is why I offer free intro mini-session so that you can talk to me directly and get a sense of how I work.

That being said, I’ve been working with couples for over a decade and I have an excellent record getting hundreds of couples back to enjoying each other.

A few things about me:

    • I take a non-judgmental, non-pathologizing approach. I assume that most people in a relationship are trying to do the best that they can with the skills they have. I am never trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, rather I look for the resources that you need to make it easier.
    • I always try to help you access your own inner wisdom and truth. I can offer great advice and successful patterns, but that is never going to be as powerful as the information that arrives inside you.
    • I bring a psychic and energetic perspective into my sessions, so that people are able to deal with

Before we go on, I want to make sure this is the right fit for you.  

My style of work is highly effective but it’s not for everyone.  My relationship-changing training requires effort, time, and practice.  This is going to be powerful work for you if you have the following qualities:

You’re both committed to working hard for the relationship.

One side does not need to fix themselves for the relationship to work, rather it took two people to create the scene you are starring in, it will take both of you trying your best to heal that dynamic.  I will give you homework and it will be an important part of the process.  If you are willing to prioritize your relationship, and developing the emotional muscles it takes to make it great, then we are going to have great success.  The more you work with me, the faster you will learn, and the faster you get to reclaim life energy that is bound up in a dysfunctional relationship dynamic. 

You are willing to step outside the box.

I am a relationship trainer, and I occasionally need to use unorthodox methods to shift your relationship paradigm.  The thinking that got you into this mess, is not the thinking that will get you out of it.  I’m going to talk about energy.  I’m going to talk about your sex life.  I’m going to use wry humor to diffuse the tension and pain that weighs on you.  It will work, but you have to trust me. 

You’re willing to take responsibility for your own reality, and you’re willing to love yourself.  

I am here to hold you in your healing process.  I am here to offer profound and loving insight.   I am NOT here to make all of your life choices for you. When you remember the creative power that created your past, and love yourself around what you created –  you are fully seated in your power to create your future.  This means giving up the addiction of blaming someone else, and more importantly blaming yourself. That’s when everything will change

You are coachable.  

I’m not requiring you to believe everything I say.  I trust that you are smart people, and I encourage you to find your way to your own truth.  I don’t need to be your only teacher.  I do however need you to know that I am working towards the same goal as you, a loving functional relationship that feels warm, connected, and gives you room to evolve and express yourself.  I need the room to speak freely and frankly about what’s going to get you better results.   My medicine for you comes from a loving place, and I prefer that medicine to taste like honey to you.  However, some people require a stronger voice to awaken them to what’s really going on, and I’m willing to be that strong voice and challenge you if I think that it will help you. 

You respect my time and energy.  

Be on time.  Pay on time. Nuff said.

So, if you are willing to invest in your relationship and open the pathway to that loving feeling NOW, please pay close attention. 

I only have time to work with a small selection of couples at a time.  We will set up a 30 Minute Intro call to find out if this is the right opportunity for you at this time.  I want you to feel 100% comfortable in working with me. 

So on our call, I will answer any questions that you have about working with me.  I will also try to offer you insight and relief on any immediate issues or crisis that you may be experiencing.  You will be able to sense my style right from the start.  

If it feels like a good fit, we will create an overview and vision of what we can accomplish together and schedule our first online relationship session.

So, What’s next?

  1. Review my packages and find a good fit for yourself.
  2. Sign up for a Free Intro Session to get the ball rolling.
Single SessionRelationship TurnaroundLasting Momentum Builder
Price: $180$650$1400
1-90 Minute Session4 weekly (90 min) sessions designed to get your relationship on a new footing quickly.

Savings: $70
Bonus: Text an Email support between Sessions
2 – 90 minute sessions
10 – 1 hr Sessions (90 min) to Turn around your relationship and create Sustained momentum and commitment.

Savings: $160
Bonus: Text an Email support between Sessions

Note: At this time I do not accept insurance.

“Eric has a wonderful intuition, and the ability to explain his points in ways that felt comfortable. He gently helped us reach answers that we already had within ourselves, and gave us tools with which to continue developing communication styles in our everyday lives. I highly recommend this guy.”

Jeff L.

“He helped my relationship at a very critical time that has brought us closer than ever before. He is the BEST counselor I have ever met. I highly recommend him to anyone that is struggling in their relationship.”

Kurt R.
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