Rekindle is a special opportunity, secluded for optimal spiritual effect on the lush Hamakua Coast side of the Big Island of Hawaii and is the perfect winter escape.

 Join a group of like-minded, heart-centered, gay men to align with nature and  uplift your spirit, body and mind.

6 Nights | Food & Ground Transportation included

January 25th- January31th

Amazing video by Raj Valluri

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There’s a certain time in the year, after all the holiday lights have been taken down, and the Christmas feasts have been eaten, all of the wonderful parties with friends have long since passed – that you are left with only the dim light and the cold wind and the prospect of many months ahead of winter’s darkness. It’s at this time that you most need that boost of warmth and joy and connection in your life to encourage you and revitalize you towards spring. 

Come to the tropical paradise of Hawaii in January, to be embraced by the arms of camaraderie and friendship, to be energized by adventure and the sensual pleasure of nature, to feel the vibes of summer camp. We invite you to let your soul hang loose, to walk barefoot in the grass, to swim in the ocean and stare in wonder at paradise. Be rewilded and rekindled. Shaka Brah!


Rekindle Hawaii is a transformational retreat on one of the most magical places on the Big Island of Hawaii – the Hamakua Coast. For six days and six starry nights, we remind you of how to play with your inner child again, to honor your body and spirit, and to reengage with the wonders of nature. 


We developed a light process-and-adventure-oriented program that synchronize you with your inner realm and get you in touch with the earthly elements. You will learn to breath like never before. You will swim and dance and snorkel on stunning beaches. You will build trust with your inner child and your intuitive self. You will learn how to be closer to your brothers. 


This retreat is designed for a group of like-minded men that desire to elevate their own potential and create a sense of belonging and intimacy with the planet and all of its inhabitants. Experience all of this on a magical piece of land that allows us to be clothing optional and swim in our own waterfall. 


Total costs range from $820-$1259 depending on room selection. Food and transportation are included with price. We are looking forward to being your gracious hosts and to make this a life-uplifting retreat. Realign to your inner bliss compass with us!


If you have any questions please call me at 503 850 8477
Love from Eric and Richard


Day 1: Discovery

Saturday January 25th

Landing for your first time on the Island of Hawaii can be a very emotional experience. The island is a far-off mythical landscape, and for me: setting foot on it and feeling it with my senses for the first time was a memory that I will never forget.  I don’t think I have ever felt a softer more delicious breeze on my skin – like moist silk. Within an hour a gecko had found its way onto my hat and sat with me for an hour.  


The first day will be about grounding and finding yourself in a new landscape. There will be an opportunity to visit local beaches on your first day and for early arrivals to go snorkeling and greet the magic of the Hawaiian warm waters as time and logistics permit.

Morning and Afternoon: Pickups from Hilo,HI (ITO- last pickup 9pm) airport and Kona, Hi (KOA – last pickup at 5pm)


  •   If you are spending the morning at the Kona side beaches or in Hilo, there will be an option of getting the local specialty of Poke or eating at a local restaurant in town. 
  • Snorkeling at Richardson beach and Exploring Hilo or Kona, the largest city on the Big Island for earlier arrivals before going to the Retreat Space at the Hamakua House. 

Hilo Arrivals: snorkeling at Richardson Bay, Rainbow falls and exploring downtown Hilo.  A dessert stop at Two Ladies Kitchen for fresh mochi may be in order.  


Kona Arrivals: exploring Kona waterfront with it’s cute restaurants, bars and coffee houses, or Makalawena beach.  The shuttle will head to the retreat space at 5:30pm.  

  • Unpacking and getting settled. 
  •   Dinner Provided at the Retreat Space
  • Night-time Campfire

Day 2: Earth - Grounding, Body, Food

Sunday, January 26th

Earthing. Food.  Exploring within your limits and beyond them. 

Sunrise Jog on the old Sugar Cane Roads (optional)


 Group Breakfast of Fresh Baked Pastries, Eggs, Fresh Local Hawaiian Fruit


Planting Seeds:   A walk along the Hawaiian Landscape with Hawaiian Horticulturalist Michael Pierron.  


Grounding Rooting And CenteringAn experience with breath, awareness and holding energetic balance in your body and senses with Eric Nielson



  Group Lunch


Afternoon Journey to Beach 67 – Clothing optional beach for sunset


Beach 67 is a famous little meeting point for gays on the Big Island.  It’s hidden, small and sheltered.  Culturally it’s a nude beach (though you have to watch the park rangers).  There are  a million wonderful places to hang a hammock amongst the ironwood trees that hug the rocks with a view of Puako Bay. The waters of Puako bay are gentler and warmer than most beaches on the island.  We will drive along the Hamakua Coast around the base of  Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain and volcano in the world (measured from bottom of the ocean), into the expansive Waikaloa Valley where you can take in a view surrounded by one extinct volcano and three active volcanoes.  You will get a quick education on the formation of the island.   At the foot of the valley is one of the most special beaches on the island.  There is coral reef, white sand, and the most expressively dancing lava rock that you can climb and swim around. Climb above and through a lava arch that is surrounded by teal-colored water.  Colorful fish hug the rocks and swim amoungst the coral reef, and you will often be greeted by a sea turtle here. This is a wonderful place to get a tan, practice snorkeling in a safe place, nap in a hammock, and meet new friends.  We will try to stay long enough for the sunset on the beach overlooking the island of Maui, and drive back home at dusk.  


We will also take a visit to the Petroglyph Park to view 1000 year old Hawaiian petroglyphs


  Dinner and PuPuS (Hawaiin Finger Foods) Sandwiches, Fruit and Poke (Hawaiian raw spiced fish) at the beach. 

Day 3: Water - Emotion, Connection, Relationship

Monday, January 27th

A delicious journey into SATISFACTION and the understand of the JOY that we can all CREATE TOGETHER. 

Early Morning Sunrise Singing.  Stretching and Yoga (optional)


 Group Breakfast: Fresh Baked Pastries, Eggs, Bacon and Hawaiian Fruit


Reborn: Waterfall Rebirthing and Cleansing – Powerfully Energize with a submerged rebirthing session lead by Richard Schemmerer in a beautiful private waterfall pool on the property.   


  Group Lunch of Grilled Meats and grilled Japanese Sweet Potatos, Grilled Beets and Mushrooms and a fresh and exuberant chopped salad. YUM!


Free time and possible walk through a waterfall valley to the small, authentic sugar cane town of Honomu. (15 min walk)


Midday Cuddle Pile and Workshop on Keeping your Inner Balance While Being Connected, with Eric Nielson. 



  Group Dinner with Grilled Fish & Meats, fabulous salad, Hawaiian Breads and Fresh Baked Liliqoi Mochi (a local delicacy.) 


Campfire Songs and Joke Telling under starlight. The moon will be a thin crescent, our energies and intentions will be beginning to show up.  Maximal viewing of the milky way.  The big island of Hawaii is world-famous for the clarity of stargazing.  The light pollution on the island is minimal and we are mere miles from the most powerful stargazing telescope on the island.  Easy Milky Way viewing!



Day 4: Wind - Lift off, Freedom

Tuesday January 28th

Wings, lift off, expansion. 

Early Morning Sunrise Singing.  Stretching and Yoga (optional)



  Group Breakfast: Freshed Baked Skones, Eggs, Bacon and Hawaiian Fruit


Morning Rebirthing Session – Realigned Breath. 


Hike to Pololu Valley – The most ancient landscape. The Pololu Valley is one of Hawaii’s most ancient landscapes.  The valleys that kept Hawaiian civilization alive during colonialism. It also offers sweeping dramatic jaw-dropping views of Hawaii’s most dramatic coast. 



  Group Dinner with Grilled Fish, Meats fabulous salad, Hawaiian Breads and Fresh Baked Liliqoi Mochi (a local delicacy) 



Campfire Songs and Joke Telling under starlight. The moon will be a thick crescent, our energies and intentions will be beginning to show up.  Maximal viewing of the Milky Way.  The big island of Hawaii is world-famous for the clarity of stargazing.  The light pollution on the island is minimal and we are mere miles from the most powerful stargazing telescope on the island.  Easy Milky Way viewing!



Day 5: Fire - Passion, Transformation, Inspiration

Wednesday January 29th

Fire, Passion, Transformation

Early Morning Sunrise Singing.  Stretching and Yoga (optional)


 Group Breakfast: Fresh Baked Pastries, Eggs, Bacon and Hawaiian Fruit 



Journey to A New Earth: We will caravan along the lush coastal Red Road, one of the most beautiful roads on the planet to visit the newest beach on earth, the  Black Sand Beach at Pohoiki, and stop along the haunted cliffs where the mighty Pacific slams up against lava cliffs.   We will be stopping to see the site where the earth cracked open and covered a neighbhorhood in lava just last year.  Quite a spectacle to see the mighty power of the earth.  Cross over the lava flow and journey down to a very special clothing-optional and black sand beach at Kahena Beach.  This beach often has dolphins, sea turtles, the most colorful tropical fish, and even whales come to swim in the bay.  If the waves permit, you can swim over a beautiful coral reef and take in one of the wildest bohemian clothing optional beaches.  




  Dinner and Evening Entertainment will be at an oasis (and pirate cove) called Uncle Robert’s.  Uncle Robert’s used to be right next to the famous surfing beach of Kalapana until it was covered in lava in the 80’s.  You can see the lava flow pulled right up along Uncle Robert’s.  Uncle Robert’s serves as the area bar, grocery store, restaurant, music venue, market and town hall, and it’s truly a place to meet the locals!  We will be visiting the night market where local artisans from all over the big island show their amazing unique crafts for sale, and an eye-popping multitude of different cuisines served street-vendor style. You can buy fabrics, lotions, soaps, crystals,  honey, psychotropic medicines, vintage hawaiian shirts, icecream, jewelry, home-made herbal products, sliced coconuts, drinks, prophecy, kombucha, baked goods, and the most unique tie-died shirts you’ve ever seen, and just about anything that your little hippy heart can desire.



There is so much in this cute little market.   The ambience of the space is set by a Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukelele band where all the locals kick up their flip-flops and dance into the night



!! Important: We are not providing food for the evening so please bring cash.  There is an ATM on site, but it often runs out early in the evening.  Please plan accordingly.  You will see many many things at this market that you will want to buy. 🙂




Day 6: Hologram

Thursday January 30th

Seeing the divine reflected in all beings. 

Early Morning Sunrise Singing.  Stretching and Yoga (optional)



 Group Breakfast: Fresh Baked Pastries, Eggs, Bacon and Hawaiian Fruit 


The day is spent decorating ourselves and our space to prepare for the feast. There is plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the last full day of the retreat.  An optional beach swim or hike. 




  The King’s Feast: A Tantric Feast that indulges all of the senses and gets you incredibly high off each other’s loving energy.  A sumptuous spread will be laid and participants will be invited to ritually feed each other in a cooperative and mutually pleasurable way.  Beautiful music will be played as well as readings from Rumi and other poets. Truly an incredible way to share pleasure with your fellow brothers.  After the dinner we will relax and cuddle and discuss our experiences or some participants my want to have quiet time. 




Day 7: Further Exploration

Friday, January 31th

Tearful goodbyes, hugs and plans for further adventures. 



 Group Breakfast: Fresh Baked Pastries, Eggs, Bacon and Hawaiian Fruit 




  Transportation back to the Airport or to Kona or Hilo hotels or car rental agencies: We will provide transportation within a limited range either to the airport or possibly to where you will be staying on.  Please contact me with your plans and we will see if we can help you if you are going anywhere other than the airport. 




The Hamakua House

The Hamakua House is a rustic guesthouse with an extraordinary relationship with the Hawaiian environment. It is named after  the Hamakua coast of the island – a lush green landscape of lofty aerial farms along the Northeast slopes of Mauna Kea.  It perches spectacularly over the ocean and is crossed by some of the lushest river valleys that Hawaii has to offer.   


Some of the room and spaces in the house offer a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean with all of the comforts of a hotel room.  Some of the spaces make you feel like you are living in a Hawaiian home.  Other cabins allow you to feel like you are at summer camp, cozily snoozing in your hammock, blown by the Hawaiian breeze and surrounded by a wall of exuberant Hawaiian wildflowers.  It allows you to live in a comforting harmony with the environment in a way that few places on the planet with allow you to feel.  The air is sweet, the land is sweet.  And you are cuddling sweetly within it. 


A prominent feature of the property is the amazing waterfall of the Kapehu river.  Swim naked in it morning, day and night.  



The land allows us to offer a clothing-optional environment.  Walk around the jungle naked.  Bath in the waterfall naked.  Lay in the grass naked.  Shower in filtered rainwater.  Frolic like a child with no care in the world. 


There are two king bedrooms that face the Pacific ocean.  See the sunrise over the water from bed. Bedroom is in the main house and has a shared bathroom and kitchen. 


King Bedroom $1108 as a single person,  $892 per person if you share the bed.  


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These rooms are in the main house.  They have shared bathroom and kitchen of the main house. They face the jungle and the firepit.  Very comfortable.

Prices included retreat registration, food, lodging and transportation. 

Queen Bed – Single Person $1065, Two people sharing the bed $870 each. 


Cute cozy little cabin by the river.  Sleeps 2-3 people with a full size bed and a lofted single bed.  There is a private kitchenette and a private bathroom included.

Prices include retreat registration, food, transportation and lodging. 

Upper bunk $935

Lower Bunk $974 for a single person, $825 each if two people share the bed. 

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The river house feels like a home that someone would live in on the Big Island.  It’s on the lower half of the property near the waterfall.  It is a shared house experience potentially with 5 people sharing the house. Private kitchen and bathroom in the house. 

Prices include retreat registration, food, transportation and lodging.   


King Bed in the downstairs common space. $1065  (single person) or $870 a person if two people share the bed.  (2 Spots available)


Single Bed in the upstairs loft.  There are two.  $903 each bed.  (2 available)


Futon. Downstairs in the same room as the King Bed $875 (1 spot available)



The hammock cabins are my favorite.  The air and atmosphere of Hawaii is so delicious that it’s easy to sleep outdoors.  With some extra protections that keep it comfortable while enjoying the expansiveness .  Sleep amongst the Hawaiian wildflowers, hear the occasional rain on the roof, feel cozy in your hammock and smell the sweet breeze that comes off the Pacific Ocean.  You can also open and close up your little cabin with heavy canvas walls that roll up and down.  It’s truly a unique way to experience the marvel of the Hawaiian climate and feel close to nature yet still comfortable!  Summer camp vibes in the dead of winter at it’s best. One of my favorite nights in Hawaii was a night in one of these hammocks listening to the dramatic Hawaiian rain outside while I slept comfortably in the hammock, and it’s what made me want to host a retreat at this property. 

In addition to the cabins there are many comfortable spaces in the main house with comfy couches, tables and amenities to hang out in.  


Prices include total registration fee, lodging, food and registration.

Two Hammock Cabin – $899 per Hammock (6 spots Available)

Three Person Hammock Cabin – $850 per Hammock (3 spots available)


This is an embedded form, if you have a hard time filling this out it in your browser or phone please use this LINK to go to a separate page.

After registration we will contact you to process payment to secure your spot. 

Travel & Planning Info


My favorite tool to book flights to the island is Google Flights.  


You will be flying in January so understand there is a risk of snowstorms at northern airports.  Portland is often one of the cheapest cities to hop to Hawaii from.  It can sometimes snow there in January. Los Angeles or San Francisco may be a more dependable hub to hot to the island from.  Sometimes the flights are cheaper in Kona than in Hilo, but Hilo is closer to the retreat and we will have a more limited capacity to retrieve people from Kona.  


If you want to be transported from the airport you will need to arrive in Kona (Kailua-Kona Airport KOA) by 6pm Hawaii time on the 25th of January, 2020. Anyone arriving earlier in the day in Kona may have a chance of going to a beach on the west side before being transported to the retreat.   


If you want to be transported from the Hilo (Hilo, Hawaii, USA ITO) airport we will do a run all day until 10pm Hawaii time on Saturday 25th, 2020.  Anyone arriving early in Hilo will have the option of visiting the town of Hilo and going to the beach before arriving at the retreat location.  


If you are arranging your own car transportation you can arrive at any time at the retreat destination.  

Ground Transportation

If you opt in to our group transportation we will be shuttling people around in 8 passenger vehicle and we will be traveling as a group.  


You will have the option of renting your own vehicle while on the island or teaming with others who rent a car and we will give you a $100 discount if you do not use our transportation.  You will be responsible for following the group vehicles, providing your own gas and meeting at the rendesvous points.  


On the island I can usually find the best rentals through or

Extended Stay

If you would like to stay on the island longer before or after the retreat, you may easily book accommodation at the Hamakua house through their website before or after the retreat.  They may only be able to book your rooms 2 months before the date. 


Hamakua House


There may also be an option to group together for a airbnb space on the opposite side of the island to snorkel at Two Step beach and swim with dolphins at Honokaa beach.  

Retreat Team

Eric Nielson

Intimacy Coach - Adventure Guide

Eric Nielson has been putting his clients on the fast-track to freedom for over a decade: working with couples of to expand their sense of connection and intimacy and working with gay men to deepen their sense of connection to each other and to open themselves to the types of erotic and emotional experiences that light their soul up. He is certified in Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Co-counseling, a Usui Reiki and Seichem master, and is the founder of Dimension Resonance Technique. He is also an avid world traveler calling Thessoloniki, Berlin, Hawaii, Portland, Provincetown and San Francisco home and loves to invite people to his favorite places in the world so that they might fall in love with them too.

Richard Schemerrer

Cosmic Clown

Richard Schemmerer is a rebirthing teacher certified by its founder Leonard Orr, a Usui Reiki master, founder of REACH creative counseling, I-Coach art project, OFF Beat adventures in deprogramming and REBORN center of breath. 


Also anointed by Eric Nielson to Cosmic Clown and benevolent Joker by Hendrik Backerra. He is currently a workshop leader at Village Berlin and part of its facilitation content team. He is active as a visionary instigator, mentor and adviser, bliss coach, his mission is to provide a safe platform for intentional communication to inspire , to uplift, to create states of joy shared in single or communal spirit. He studied various practices like Sufism, Tantra, the major Eastern philosophies and Western thinkers like Rudolf Steiner. His life’s mantra is “Love is all there is.”