LGBT Relationship Coaching

I'm excited that you are here, because there is so much I wish to share with you to equip you for the wild, beautiful adventure we are all on together.

My service to the world and specifically with you:

1. I will help you to anchor a rock-solid relationship with your innermost being.  Sometimes it sweetly whispers, and sometimes it smacks you up upside the head with a 2×4. Let’s learn to hear the whisper, shall we?  Because it has the MOST amazing guidance to offer you on everything in your life.  Better guidance than I can give you, because I’m not living your life.    This means that you will have the perspective that will unwind out-dated patterns and step into the authorship of your own reality. It also means that you will have a keen sense of things as your intuition develops real muscles.


If you know you want to work with me and you’re trying to figure out how, you may schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me now, my calendar is online.