Interview with Jon Ray: On Intuition and the Levels of Perception



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My interview with Jon Ray (instagram) was a really fun conversation for me. I chose to interview Jon because of his prolific, timely and thoughtful writing that he posts to facebook. He’s so articulate and well versed on many subjects, and it’s vitalizing to find someone who has been grappling with so many of the same ideas that I have. We discuss How we make decisions, the role of intuition, and grappling with our shadow and disarming our cognitive bias by leaning into uncomfortable subjects and resonating with them.

I have to apologize for the noise at the beginning of the video. There was a Greek name-day party happening next door during the recording.

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Show Notes

1:00 How people in Austin and in Thessaloniki are coming out of thaw from CoronaVirus lockdown.

2:25 Forced Self Reflection from isolation as a keyhole into an awakening experience.

4:00 Collective focus and a shared experience – how we are all in the same movie with the same plot and we are all having our character transformations.

5:20 Conflicting information and feeling your feelings of uncertainty. The habit of using information as a tool to feel safety and certainty and what happens when you loose that.

6:40 Leaping into uncertainty, finding new data as anchors. Getting handholds in uncertainty.
How you make a choice. What are you reaching for? Reaching for joy, interestingness, where life energy springs forward, reaching into your stretch zone.

10:40 Greek Name Day Party!

11:40 Intuition. Feeling into our choices and feeling into what we select. Reaching for things in an untethered world. Selecting from a range of possibility, what helps you select.

Three modes of perceiving:
Physical Cellular Level – I’m hungry
Mental Psychological level, – psychological reaching
Spiritual emotional level. happens more at the feeling based place.

Feeling as it happens at a soul level something that our physical and mental senses are picking up on. Training your brain to reach for that soul level of knowingness.

14:40 Getting addicted to what feels good vs things that feel important. Stretch zone. Pivoting from what feels good to what feels important.

16:50 Cognitive Bias and Reticular Activation System and what it means for Law of Attraction.
Reality as an information based system that can render itself based on the input that we are giving.

17:45 How Cognitive Bias gets in the way – Politics and the other side’s perspective. Stretching into information sources that feel uncomfortable and resonating with them. Being able to thrive in any system. Finding empathy with people who think differently from me and that being a more useful way of being.

19:40 – Self Realization – the ability to hold multiple perspectives in one frame without your nervous system freaking out.

21:00 – Putting purpose into your business. Shedding the need to be right.

22:25 Getting to a higher resolution of Perception beyond the ego and how that helps the Entrepreneur fill a real need in the marketplace. The key to get to that perception of the world as it actually is.

23:30 How do you feel and differentiate what is important. Intellectual discernment with conspiracy theories.
Example: Precious metals and Austrian Economics vs Modern monetary theory.

27:40 Holding multiple perspectives as a way to hedge what’s may occur.

28:20 – The transmutational power and alchemy of emotional discord. Sitting with the discord until it balances and transmutes to potential. Acting from a balanced position and dealing with the “off-kilter”

32:10 Experiencing the emotional blockage to be the loving entity that we want to be. Hacking reality at the information-code level. The true Law of Attraction. Hacking reality at the information-code level.

37:00 Becoming attuned to the energetic frequencies of your choice. The cellular being overriding the mental being. When your vision and logic make the choice, and how to jump off a waterfall. Dealing with fear. Desire opening up a portal for shift and remapping the somatic memory.
When a mental state can short-circuit the body and supersede the emotions and the feelings.

44:30 Integrating the levels of awareness and have them working in tandem.
Carlos Castaneda’s vision of shamans backflipping off of waterfalls.
Flow State and extreme athletes and expanded levels of perception.
Box breathing, Wim Hof breathing, breath work.
Drunk Gurus.

50:30 Drunk Gurus and a different level of mastery through every form of living.
Transitions into Sobriety – White knuckling sobriety vs finding comfort with sobriety. Getting in touch with what those substances remove you from.

53:50 Relating to intoxicants as an herbalist. As an intentional recipe that you are concocting vs drugs as an escape. Substances as transitionary teachers of subtle frequencies at an amplified level. Having those experiences without them. Drugs tuning our frequencies.
Addiction to the plant medicine journey.

58:45 Getting into transcendental spaces without drugs.
Psychonauts and mapping transcendental space.
Spiritual Practices can also be an escapist drug. Emotional addictions to spiritual practices and their root causes and healing at that level to get beyond compulsion and making balanced choices.

1:02:15 Piaget’s mapping of meaning and Machine Learning

1:04:22 Effective Marketing as a function of your ability to property tune your nervous system and tap into your innate wisdom. Being able to message yourself in a way that will resonate. Finding a place of empathy for your customer and speaking that empathy. Tuning into subtle awareness and making business decisions that reflect that awareness and tapping

1:06:30 Entrepreneurs as creators and visionaries – melding of imagination and wisdom and practically applying that in the world. How to train yourself for this. Melding the three layers of perception.

1:07:42 A fourth layer – Ancestral Instincts
The Walking dead and what it teaches about ancestral survival instinct. Instincts that speak to 100,000 years of human survival.
Emotional Inheritance. Society level intuition and
Epigenetics – a sponge for how society is mapped.
Absorbing energetically the way that society is mapping around us.

Creating tentacles into other worlds that are giving us subtle information and allowing those having more prevalence in our decision space.

1:13:00 Abraham-Hicks and the Abrahamsters. A critique. Abraham hicks as a mental process. Manifesting the perfect day by doing mental practices. Devolving the process to come to a true state of being. Feeling through the feelings and the shadow.
Having some days that you want to tackle the shadow, and having days that you want to find the path of least resistance.
Finding alignment with misalignment and comfort with discomfort to enable walking through lions dens.

1:20:30 The danger of not looking at anything uncomfortable.

1:23:30 The Abraham Hicks Steps.
Step 1: You Experience Contrast. …
Step 2: Source Answers Your Request and Creates Your Desire. …
Step 3: Align With The Vibration of Your Desire. …
Step 4: Maintain Your Alignment Consistently. …
Step 5: Appreciate The Contrast.

1: 24:00 – Being a teacher amongst teachers.
Having a guru relationship who is triggering everything that doesn’t serve you.
AJ Miller and being repelled by a teacher and coming back to it.
Finding alignment with what I want and ALSO finding alignment with what I don’t want.

1:27:50 Jordan Peterson – Finding power in the places that you haven’t taking responsibility.
Grappling with reality even when you don’t have it all figured out.

1:33 Barbara Brennan and her diagrams of the human Auric Field.

1:34 Tom Campbell – My big Toe – Reality is information based and we live inside of a consciousness computing system. Information streams that we can bring in.
Our creativity designing how the information manifests.

1:38:00 Dion Fortune and how we design our vision of the unknowable.
Versions of the God Concept. Constructing God verses receiving an already designed concept. Where do you hear God? What’s the interface with God?

1:42:00 Apotheosis vs being children of God.
Reclaiming a Christian upbringing and removing the distortions of those teachings.
Being in control vs releasing control.

1:44:30 Leaning one way vs the other way and Aristotles teaching on the Golden Mean and finding the sweet spot.

1:45:50 The virtues of Contrarianism and being open to other people’s feedback about your ideas.
Exposing your thought to the sunlight of other people’s perceptions.
Grappling with Free Speech and being hit with feedback and sharpening the blade.
Being afraid to post because you are afraid of the backlash.
How the trigger aids me in finding something that I need to grapple with internally.
Using Feedback as a way to sharpen the skills.

1:55:40 Getting past the fear of someone thinking that you are an idiot. Getting to the deep satisfaction of being seen. Being vulnerable and put

1:56:49 Unplugging from other people’s perception of you to hear your own personal feedback, and then reconnecting to other people’s perceptions of you. The social circuit of the brain.
Seeing through the ego to get the soul.
Peeling back the onion of the ego interactions.

2:01:15 Paul Selig and his psychic ability. Channeling the higher self.
Tasting life and getting beyond a casual experience of life. Putting life in your mouth!

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