So you spend the last decade finding the work that has been calling to you, only to find that you were chasing someone else vision. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, I feel like I should be happy.  It’s a great job. 

“I feel like I should be grateful.  It’s a great job. 

There’s usually a quiet hint of desperation and their eye is twitching – they haven’t even convinced themselves that it’s true. .  They certainly don’t FEEL happy

So yeah! There I was. I said that some things just cant be said the way that I want them to.


It’s time to throw off all the learned bullshit of who you were supposed to be, and that you’ve been beating yourself up because you are not. It’s like walking around as a 40 year old still wearing the outfit that your parents bought you at age 12.  It doesn’t fit!  You can’t breath!  

If you are anything like me, You knew that you are supposed to be following your life purpose.  For me that meant I was supposed to be taking some heroic action like building water sources in Africa, something that looked good on Facebook.  That was a life calling to me. But that always felt like someone else’s photo-op.  It felt like a ready-made formula of what a life purpose was supposed to look like.  And what I’ve found from following many of those ready made formulas is that THEY DON”T FIT!

I can’t tell you how many clients that Ive talked to that have followed all of those ready made paths.  They are the yoga teacher, they are the artist, and They still aren’t happy.  They still don’t feel fulfilled.  But now it’s worse, because they can’t just blame it on a corporate job.  They have their “dream job” and it’s like chewing a piece of gum once all of the flavor has been chewed out.  

Or perhaps you have been moving towards your goal, but it just seems lifeless now.  It’s like you keep shorting out on your journey.  Your sense of the weight of what you’re doing far outweighs your motivation.  You are plagued by a sense of a neverending struggle, insurmountable roadblocks, or you’re getting drowned in the minutia, it’s all you feel and you have lost contact with your inspiration. 

Unblocking the chi flow in your thought process by giving it a massage. 

How does this work?

I like to work with clients for a whole month.  Rhythm is important, and I’ve found too many of my clients go back to unworkable old habits when they don’t have a little gentle, loving cheerleading on a regular basis in the beginning.  Think of it like caring for a newborn, or baby chicks.  

It takes a little repeat nurturing and care when we are reprogramming automated thinking that has been running in your head for more than a decade.  

Each month we will have four weekly sessions.  My schedule is online, you get to pick the time. 

You will also have access to me via text and email.  Sometimes I can even reply fairly quickly, when can be a godsend when you’re stuck in a shame-spiral, or having a crisis and you just need a few gentle, loving words to remind you of how fucking awesome you are.  

Think of it like a fairy godmother (with a beard) who can SEE YOU, the REAL YOU, and is there to remind you of who you truly are.  All the time.  

There is a path that awaits and your inner most being is whispering quietly to you. (well sometimes, unless you’ve been ignoring it and now it’s screaming at you!)  Only you can hear that voice, only you can truly discern what’s it’s saying. 

Sometimes it helps though to have a little reflection.  Someone helping you see yourself, hearing the story song that you are singing and reflecting it back to you.  

Sometimes as a fish, it’s hard to see the water.  You are swimming in your own automated patterns and it’s hard to detect where. the 

When you really feel like you have tuned into your truest desires, the ones that make your whole being ring, then it feels like the whole universe is conspiring to help you get there.  

But sometimes that true desire isn’t always easy to spot, eh?  Y

ou feel like you should being living your life purpose, but 

What the hell is my life purpose already?

The coaching journey

We are going to set up a beginners mind.  Because the new part of you that is developing has a hard time learning, growing, making mistakes, growing from those mistakes, getting clear with you constantly badgering them “Why haven’t you figured it out already???
and punishing yourself for not having figured it out.  It just doesn’t work.  It shuts the whole process down. 

We are going to become acquainted with How things manifest.  It’s a philosophical shift on how to navigate through the universe. 

You will decide when you are complete.  

You will have an endless surprise of humor (because it’s all easier when you can laugh at your problems), chearleading, and nurturing love and support.  Imagine an hour a week with someone who things your OK, actually pretty good even, maybe even a kick-ass human.  You might just start to remember it.  Because I create a zero-judgement environment for you to soundboard in and think through your life. 

I am an empath, and that means I can FEEL your thoughts and stories.  I can hear the song that you are singing as if they are ringing in my own body.  I will help you to really feel the vibration of your thoughts. 

At the end of every month we will do a review to understand if you feel complete with the work or if you are ready to work another month.  Some clients choose to slow down the pace of sessions and we can figure out if that will work for you. 

Once we’ve built a relationship, you have more fundamentals on board and we’ve developed a fair amount of momentum, then we can work on the occasional single “next level breakthrough” session.  

You are going to get lots of homework, and sometimes I can play the role of loving but firm parent or stern teacher if its a voice you need and a relationship style that feeds you.  

Here’s what you’re going to learn…

  • Help you become a Ninja at detecting and rewiring your own negative thinking.  DO YOU KNOW HOW POWERFUL THIS SKILL CAN BE FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Let me clarify, by negative thinking I really mean non-resonant thinking.  Meaning the only reason you know that it’s negative is because it feels so damn awful.  It’s how you detect the old automated thinking patterns that are out of step with who-you-are-becoming.  These thoughts were useful for you, or the person who taught it to you, but now they just ain’t!  I don’t mean, just think positive, which is the equivalent of smearing grape jelly on a dog turd and serving it for breakfast and expecting it to look appetizing.  I mean detecting the thoughts that are you, the true you, and detecting the thoughts that are not you, they’re expired.  This is a very important skill in the process of creating yourself, and shifting your identity.  
  • Have a robust, easy meditation that help you come back to your most positive creative self.  
  • Become friends with your own brain.  
  • Resolve inner conflicts and stop beating yourself up some much!  Understand why your brain gets tangled in conflict, what you can do about it to make peace and find a singular way forward. 
  • Learn the profound art of short-cutting.  Get there faster!  Don’t make the journey longer than it needs to be.  
  • Find a clear and easy ways to quickly make an actionable decision and feel good about it. 
  • Build your full-body navigation system to access your intuition and inner guidance. 
  • Develop your learning mindset that allows you to make mistakes and learn.
  • Finally learn how to let go of some of these bullshit self-judgement patterns you learned how to use as a kid to change your behavior.  Guess what.  They don’t work.  And if they do work, it’s only temporary and so energetically expensive it will grind you to a halt.  

Learn a step-by-step process to dismantle the negative thoughts that seem to act like roadblocks.  

Is this for me? (change)

You’ll love this if:

  • You understand if your vibration matters in your life and affects how things play out for you, but you really don’t have a clear toolset to change it and get it anchored in a new place. 
  • You know you want to be on the path towards life purpose, but you don’t know how to get there. 
  • You just need someone to help you trust yourself, and who knows that it CAN and HAS BEEN DONE. 
  • You want to feel more aliveness in your life.  

This IS NOT FOR YOU if: 

  • You aren’t willing to do the work. 
  • You are committed to arguing for why you CAN’T have something or be happy. 
  • The Law of Attraction feels too out there for you, and you’re not willing to be flexible with your mind and try on a new perspective. 
  • You are committed to your path HAVING to be all hard work and sacrifice. 
  • You are attached to someone else being responsible for your life or having someone to blame for you not having what you want in life

You are only 

The solution/offer

  • Four 60-minute sessions scheduled weekly.  (I have some flexibility with this.)  We can pick a regular time to work each week or my availability is online and you can pick your time every week.  If you think that you will need more than a session a week, I can offer a discounted price from my one-off appointments.  My availability window does change from month to month as I travel the world.  I am sometimes in a European time zone, sometimes East coast or west coast, and sometimes in Hawaiian time zone.  
  • We meet online, FaceTime or Skype.  All calls will be recorded for you to review later.  I do occasionally offer half-day sessions for people in my geo-location.  HERE. 
  • I offer email and text support for those that I am coaching in a monthly program, for clarification, quick help and affirmation. 
  • $450 USD for the month, 4 sessions. 
  • If you really want to double down on investing in yourself and create a powerful jolt of momentum, I offer a three month package at $1200.  

The results speak for themselves. 

So what happens next? 

Let’s make contact!  Book some time with me for a consultation. 

My goals for the getting-to-know-you call: 

  • Figure out who you are. Understand you.  Understand your issues.  Give you a sense of where we might go if we work together. 
  • Help you figure out who I am, hear my voice, and get a sense if it’s a fit. I want you to feel comfortable, get a intuitive sense of me.  
  • Most important: I want you to make a little headway on what you are dealing with.  I want you to feel like you are already advancing in those first 30 minutes of talking, so that even if we never talk again you got to take something home with you.  
  • Answer all of your questions!

It is NOT my goal to give you a high-pressure sales job, or make you commit to something that you are not quite ready for or something that is just not a fit for you. 

Ready?  Find a time on my calendar for 30 minutes to talk.  

Are you ready to just dive in now?  Feel free to go ahead and book a month and schedule your first full session.