Career Transformation

A Soulful Path to Peak Career Transformation

You’re not sure what’s next in your career, but you are pretty clear that it’s not where you are right now.  You are getting signs and signals that it’s time to move on, and not moving on is feeling more and more uncomfortable. Something has to change.  You feel your heart sink a little bit when Monday morning rolls around. It’s harder to get up. The relationships in your work environment are starting to feel toxic.

In short, work is no longer  a source of inspiration, self-esteem, excitement or doesn’t feel like the best vehicle for your self-fulfillment and expression.  Or perhaps you just don’t feel like you’re growing any more.  You’re like a potted plant that is becoming root bound in too small of a container.  

“I’m not sure what i want, but I know it isn’t this. “​

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hard that before.

You know you have to make the leap…

….but you’re not sure where there is solid ground to land on. You aren’t sure of that next step.  And when you think about leaping, all of those fears run right up to your face and confront you. Of course they do.  Identity shift isn’t easy.   Especially when you’re doing it alone, without any encouragement, reflection, sound boarding or cheerleading.  You are lacking SAFETY, and you’re going to have to learn how to find it outside of the known. Outside of your job. The people that you work with aren’t going to help you either.  They are all stuck in the same mental fishtank that you are.


Career and identity shift CAN be taught. 

 Then it’s quite easy. It becomes like walking or bicycling or any other skill that you take for granted because you’ve practiced it.

This discomfort that you feel with your job – guess what, it’s only going to get bigger.  Why?  Because something is changing with your inner being!  Your spirit is already on to the next step, and it’s leading you there.  It’s making it uncomfortable to stay in place.  It’s like a 35 year old still trying to wear a favorite shirt that they got when they were 15.  You keep growing, and the shirt stays the same size.  It just gets tighter and more constricting over time and you keep expanding. 

So what needs to happen? 

It’s time to start picking up the clues that your spirit is offering you.  

The number one clue is your EXCITEMENT. 

What emotionally excites you?  What gives you pleasure?  What gives you life?  What obsesses you?  Where do you feel fully expressed? Where do you feel fully utilized by life? When do you feel the most alive in your job? What activities make you feel like life is leaving your body?

Most people have become disconnected from their excitement.  Or they don’t recognize the signals of emotional excitement within them, they’ve been conditioned to turn the signals off.   Nothing teaches you to turn off your emotional signals quite like being stuck in a job you don’t like.  It’s impossible to pin yourself to a chair to work and be present with those emotions at the same time.  

Guess what.  This is where I can help you.  I am an expert at those signals.  I will teach you to hear your own inner guidance again. And THAT inner guidance is the shortest, fastest path to a vital, fulfilling work life.  It is a necessary piece to real paradigm shift in your career.  We will map out your excitement and create real concrete steps to explore it further.  

That inner guidance doesn’t just have something to offer on your job title.  It has something to stay on how you spend your time, how you create your relationhips.  How you express yourself at your work.   It especially has everything to say about your WHY.  Why you do what you do, which is very easy for most people to lose sight of in the day-in-day-out routine of a job.   Your WHY is powerful.  It is the fuel in your engine. When you can successfully locate your why, the WHAT and HOW tag along. You can only feel your way into it.  No-one else’s WHY or HOW is going to do it for you.  

When we understand your WHY, a map of the terrain starts to emerge.  We may not be able to see the final destination.  Few people are ever clear on the end of their journey when they are standing at the start of it.  It’s like standing in thick fog that won’t let you see 100’ ahead.  Nevertheless you have to move.  HAVE to. Your spirit won’t have it any other way. And there are many clues telling you which direction to walk.  I want you to feel confident in those steps, and feel your why viscerally, in your body.   Your why will light up the next ten steps like the yellow brick road, which will bring you to… 

The edge of something new…

When you stand at the edge, all of the titanic forces of entropy come to slow you down.  All the gargoyles of self-doubt will show their fearful faces, and you will be confronted with your own limit-enforcing beliefs.  Your conditioning.  Your group think.  You will have to deal with your inner critic. 

Guess what. I’m right there with you in the trenches of your FUD. (Fear, Uncertaintly, Doubt) The unholy trinity.

I will teach you how to talk to yourself.  How to sublimate and tame that critic.  How to turn that inner voice into an ally.  I will blow away the dust and reveal the shiny core of who you REALLY are, in your truest essence.  That TRUE self feels wonderful.  It feels like life, it feels like honesty.  It feels like you and it feels like joy. That true self is already living that dream life.   I will teach you how to reveal this true essence to yourself every day, until you finally recognize it as you.  I will show you easy, step-by-step exercises and homework that will make this your default way of being.  I’m going to equip you with a robust toolbox so that you can get YOURSELF out of the crisis, out of the ditch, out of the doldrums.  When you know that you can do this on your own, you start to know yourself as UNSTOPPABLE.  

Together we are going to transform your work paradigm to bridge you to a work life that feels like home

You will learn to identify the thought patterns and beliefs that constrict you and slow you down.  I will gently and lovingly, but FIRMLY and ADAMANTLY take your excuses and limiting beliefs out of the clutches of your grasping fingers. I will help you viscerally recognize how distasteful and incongruent they are to your being, and you won’t want to pick them up again.  Together we will begin to construct a belief framework that gives you room and safety to grow and transform. You will have permission to be a beginner again, and to learn like a child learns without a critical parent voice overshadowing you at all times. You will discover the FUN of change again as you let go of habitually beating yourself for all of the growth-inducing mistakes that are guaranteed to be on your path.

You will learn to BUILD the momentum and inspiration it takes to get through an identity shift.   You will learn to shortcut it, so that it doesn’t have to take so long.   You will learn how to emotionally enjoy your dream RIGHT NOW, even as the material aspects of it are still crystalizing.  When you get this, you will be able to self-generate the  power to shift your realit, and that means that the whole universe will respond and facilitate your process. It gives you the missing pieces. It puts the right people on your path.  You will glow, and the right people will notice you.

You will be able to distinguish the mental gas pedal from the parking break on your career transformation process.  You will stop yanking on that break when you’re about to get on the career Interstate. Transformation will start to feel like an easy glide, gently picking up speed. Not a lurching, jerky, scary ride.  It might even feel, dare I say, GRACEFUL.

We are also going to identify very specific next steps at the end of every session for you to take concrete, decisive action.  You will get targeted strategy sessions on the specific hurdles you need to clear.  If I don’t have the expertise you need, we will rope in the experts who do.  Even more importantly, you will receive direct insight into your emotional and thought processes, where likely the most gruesome of obstacles exist.

You will emerge from this career shift with a new life pattern, but also a blueprint for future career shift.  You will learn how to implement micro-shifts that happen daily and weekly, rather than just every few years so that your work paradigm is constantly feeling like a bespoke fit for you. When this happens, career satisfaction becomes a sustainable all-the-time thing for you.

So let’s talk about it person! Gain immediate insight on what you are going through in a Free 30 minute Session.