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Excitement Mapping – Bringing a Paradigm Shift from Dream to Articulation to Planning

I hear this all the time:  “I don’t know what’s next for me, but I know that it’s not this”. What a challenging place to be: When you are feeling dissatisfaction and maybe even revulsion for your status quo – and you don’t feel soothed by a road map that gives you hope shows and clearly shows you the way.  This feeling afflicts trail-blazers the

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Interview with Jon Ray: On Intuition and the Levels of Perception

My interview with Jon Ray (instagram) was a really fun conversation for me. I chose to interview Jon because of his prolific, timely and thoughtful writing that he posts to facebook. He’s so articulate and well versed on many subjects, and it’s vitalizing to find someone who has been grappling with so many of the same ideas that I have. We discuss How we make

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Health & Physical Wellbeing

Stronger than Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Herbs, Attainable Medicines & Successful Behaviors

Disclaimer – I am not a licensed medical physician. This is NOT advice from a doctor. This is however from someone who has fought long-term chronic illness. I pulled from a wide array of research in Chinese medicine and my favorite herbalists and my own personal experience. I wrote this because it feels important to have more information out there than less, even if I

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Books on Love and Relationships
Love & Relationships

The Love Library – 39+ Essential Reads on Relationship and Communication that Could Change Your Life

Tremendous breakthroughs are available when you tap into your resourcefulness and self-educate on your relating skills.  I wanted to share with you the books that have been game-changers to myself and my colleagues. Content Quicklinks Communication Skills Relationship Guides for Couples dating and finding love Spirituality, self-inquiry and love Healing dysfunction and addiction Ending Relationships Communication Skills Marshall Rosenberg authored one of my favorite books

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Exploring Your Range – Creating Flexibility in a Time of Polarities

On the slopes of Mt. Parnassos is perched a balcony of land known as the Sanctuary of Delphi. In the center of the sanctuary is the Temple of Apollo where the Pythia sat on a bronze tripod above a chasm in the earth, inhaling the gasses and ecstatically prophesying the fate of kingdoms and rulers. Carved over the door to the temple were three maxims:

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