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April 5,  noon pst – Paul Selig   Channeler, author
The View from the Upper Room

April 6  11 am PST      Catherine Linard   Channeler
What does it all Mean ???

April 7 noon pst       Nigel Patterson, mystic
gay mystics take on navigating the corona virus

April 8  noon pst      Nateur Jenkins , healer
Finding joy in the time of corona

April 9  noon pst      Ania Ananda Woods , relationship Alchemist
carving out personal space

Aloha! I'm Eric

I'm excited that you are here, because there is so much I wish to share with you to equip you for the wild, beautiful adventure we are all on together.

1. I will help you to anchor a rock-solid relationship with your innermost being.  Sometimes it sweetly whispers, and sometimes it smacks you up upside the head with a 2×4. Let’s learn to hear the whisper, shall we?  Because it has the MOST amazing guidance to offer you on everything in your life.  Better guidance than I can give you, because I’m not living your life.    This means that you will have the perspective that will unwind out-dated patterns and step into the authorship of your own reality. It also means that you will have a keen sense of things as your intuition develops real muscles.

2. You will have a rich toolset to transform the emotions that have derailed you in the past. You will learn how to work with and surf the waves and movements and machinations of your ego and personality. You will learn specifically HOW to love yourself fully.  Your emotional experience will become a treasure-trove of vital, useful information rather than something you fear or avoid, and that means that you can fully show up for life in your full vibrancy.

3. You will learn how to play well with others.  You will have a practiced knowledge of how your emotional energy impacts and interplays with the emotional fields and personalities of your fellow humans. You will become a strong communicator and learn how to express yourself with the wholeness of your being.  You will look forward to difficult conversations with others because you will feel balanced and steady inside and you will understand the secrets to the game of communication that allow everyone to walk away from the conversation enlightened and soothed and connected.  You will fully RECEIVE that love that the Universe is offering you through these interactions.

4. You will develop an experiential understanding of how life reflects your energy and  assembles tangible reality around you. Suddenly barriers begin to dissolve and goals that seemed so far off are already materializing in your life. This means that you experience your dreams in the present moment. Now!  It only gets bigger, it crystalizes, and you are already living with it.  You become masterful at calling things in, and enjoying the ride. Life gets more magical.

If you know you want to work with me and you’re trying to figure out how, you may schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me now, my calendar is online.
Eric Nielson - Soul Alignment Coach

Peter B.

"Eric Nielson is a young master in the making! His way of communication is quite profound! He just opened my story so easily and effectively. I found myself telling him things that I didn't even know, but where absolutely true about my self. I found my self realizing with stark clarity: where I was going, what I wanted, and how I imagined I was operating. How did all this happen? Through skilled questioning! I was guided and connected to a place within myself where I found greater resolve, greater clarity, clear purpose and more meaning in my life!!! It was so important, profound and useful! I'm nearly apoplectic with gratitude. Moving forward in life, and my business, never seemed more possible and more real! "


Kind, caring, and wise, Eric helped me sift through tumultuous emotions to find inner strength and gain insight into some emerging patterns in my life. Through compassionate guidance and crafting specifically tailored daily affirmations I was able, with Eric's help, to approach seemingly insurmountable obstacles through a mindset of personal growth. Eric is a gifted listener and an all around warm presence. He helped me identify many areas in my life where I was holding myself back from achieving my fullest potential. I definitely feel better equipped to face anything my future has in store thanks to the tools I learned in sessions with Eric."


"Eric is a treasure! I came in with my challenges around the overwhelm I was feeling in my life... and I left my session full of inspiration and exercises that I could continue on with at home. He has an amazing presence and ability to hold space for where you are at. I loved that he really listened and saw how I expressed myself and brought in modalities that fit *me* the best... specifically ones that catered to my visual expression and understanding. He really has an amazing wealth of life coaching techniques and ability to graciously guide me to my own understanding and clarity."

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The Love Library – 39+ Essential Reads on Relationship and Communication that Could Change Your Life

Tremendous breakthroughs are available when you tap into your resourcefulness and self-educate on your relating skills.  I wanted to share with you the books that have been game-changers to myself and my colleagues. Content Quicklinks Communication Skills Relationship Guides for Couples dating and finding love Spirituality, self-inquiry and love Healing dysfunction and addiction Ending Relationships Communication Skills Marshall Rosenberg authored one of my favorite books

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Stronger than Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Herbs, Attainable Medicines & Successful Behaviors

Disclaimer – I am not a licensed medical physician. This is NOT advice from a doctor. This is however from someone who has fought long-term chronic illness. I pulled from a wide array of research in Chinese medicine and my favorite herbalists and my own personal experience. I wrote this because it feels important to have more information out there than less, even if I

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